Mom Doesn’t Let Her Puppy Sit On Her Lap, Puppy proceeds To Throw The Most Adorable Tantrum!

When children throw tantrums, we try our best to calm them down and teach them what’s right. But when puppies throw tantrums, we catch it on film! What can be cuter than big puppy eyes and baby barks?

Napoleon, a rescued puppy, became fussy when his mom didn’t let him sit on her lap while driving. Too little to understand that his mom was preoccupied, he began an adorable fit of whimpers and paw stomps to get her attention.


His pleas and begging eyes are too much to resist, and it’s a mystery how his mom didn’t give in. Tantrums can be disruptive, but Napoleon’s is one we wouldn’t mind watching over and over. Nonetheless, puppies are like kids, and sometimes it’s best to teach them that we don’t always get what we want.

Watch the video below to see this fluffy outburst.


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