This Scared Pup Is Surrounded By Danger, But Watch What Happens When Rescue Workers Arrive…

Rain or shine, this one little pit bull was chained in the backyard and constantly found herself either too thirsty, too hungry, or too cold. Her skin was constantly itchy and all she wanted to do was love her humans, but they certainly didn’t want to love her back!

It’s hard to believe there are actually people out there who chain up their dogs and leave them outside regardless of the weather.

Even though it was the Christmas season, these people left their dog out in the freezing cold, and as she got weaker and weaker, neighbors began to notice a flock of vultures swooping in. Vultures only eat carrion (the flesh of dead animals), so whenever they sense there is a dying animal nearby, they’ll happily wait beside the animal as it nears the end. The flock grew so big that neighbors called animal control to take the dog away from her horrible home. Thankfully, she found somewhere a bit nicer!

Watch below if you’re interested to see where this scared little puppy is living now~!


While vultures are usually seen as a sign of death, this flock actually ended up saving the little 8-month-old puppy. If neighbors hadn’t been alerted by their huge presence, they never would have realized how sick this puppy was until it was too late!


When little Lilo was finally taken in by the authorities, a pit bull group fostered her, hoping to find a loving home. Here she is taking the very first bath in her entire life!


Thankfully, Keana Lynch and Travis Henley took Lilo into their home and their hearts. They were amazed at how nervous little Lilo was at first. She had never slept inside a warm home before in her entire short life, so the idea of a fluffy bed was an incredible prospect beyond her wildest imagination!


She felt the loving touch of a human for the very first time in her life too. Usually, she associated humans as being the cruel ones who randomly threw food down at her paws every once in a while. But now it seemed a vast majority of the humans she met wanted hugs and kisses and cuddle time!


She made new dog friends too! She never got the chance to play with dogs before, and now it seemed she was an important part of a pack!


Though the idea of a soft bed was weird at first, within a short time she got pretty used to the idea! Now she doesn’t even remember what those cold nights on the hard ground were even like!


Now, she only goes outside when the weather is right and it’s time to play with her family and friends. For the first time in her life, being outside is actually something to look forward to and to be excited about!


But when the day is done and the sun has set, she lives with a forever family in a forever home. Sleeping on the sofa is always allowed in this home and she’ll always feel love. Hopefully she’ll learn to forget those horrible moments at the start of her life, because from now on it seems like things will be a bit easier!


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