When The Neighbors Saw These Vultures They Knew This Dog Was In Serious Trouble And Had To Act

This neglected pit bull puppy was chained up and neglected. He was hungry, thirsty and braving the outside weather and creatures.  It wasn’t until a flock of vultures surrounded the doghouse that the neighbors knew the puppy had to be sick and on the verge of death.


Lilo was placed in a foster home and received her first bath, EVER!


Keana and Travis took Lilo into their home.  A soft bed is a precious change.


For the first time Lilo felt love and was happy to have her new family!


Hanging out with other dogs was also a first for Lilo!


She will never have to worry about those vultures again! She is safe forever…


Now she joys going outside to play when it’s nice…


…And cuddling up on the couch when it’s time for a nap. This is truly the life she’s always deserved!


At one time Lilo was surrounded by death but now has a loving forever home. Life doesn’t get any better than this!


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