Their Two Year Old Son Would NOT Be Alive If Their Dog Didn’t Do This…

This every parent’s worst nightmare. While visiting a family friend in Brisbane, 2-year-old Alexander Kenney was discovered floating face down in a dam by the family dog, Leala. Alexander was nearly dead when he was discovered. While he was still completely unconscious, Leala tried to bring him back to shore. When that failed she did the next best thing: she ran to the house, soaked and anxious, and barked to get dad’s attention. When Alexander’s father David finally retrieved him, he barely had a pulse. David and his friends performed CPR for a whopping 27 minutes to restart his heart before the paramedics arrived.

However, the prognosis was grim. Doctors told David and wife, Lisa to prepare for the worst: losing their child to death or severe brain damage…


When 9-year-old Leala noticed one of her humans, 2-year-old Alexander Kenney, was floating face down in a dam, she did everything in her power to save him. First she ran into the water to try and pull him out. After that didn’t work, she ran feverishly to the house. She barked and tried to get dad’s attention. Eventually he followed her back and saw what happened to Alexander.

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David, Alexander’s father, saw the unthinkable. “It was what I was wishing not to see, it was a mixture of disbelief, horror and sadness, it was indescribable really, but then everything was a blur,” David said.


David performed CPR on Alexander for 27 minutes until the paramedics showed up. Lisa, his mother, returned home to find helicopters ready to airlift her son.

“I didn’t think it was my kid, I didn’t think it had anything to do with us and then I came to [see] a helicopter in the sky and the whole place just alive with police and ambulances and my son just lying there completely comatose,” Lisa said.


The outcome did not look good; doctors were forced to induce Alexander into a coma. “They pulled me aside and told me this is as bad as it gets, there’s not a lot of hope, you should prepare for the worst possible outcome,” she said. “The doctors said ‘be prepared, you may not be taking this boy home and if you do take him home he’ll probably have some sort of brain damage,’ ” Lisa said.

But just wait, that’s not what happened!


After 48 hours, Alexander woke up from his coma. The doctors believed he made a miraculous recovery. “It was quite miraculous that he came back so soon and so clear and fine and unchanged.” The doctors believe it was because David administered CPR correctly. The family believes it was because of Leala. “Without obviously the dog and my two mates, he would be…” David said, tearing up. “Everything that went along in its little series, what happened was just flawless with maybe a little bit of luck chucked in.”

“Without [Leala] we wouldn’t have our little boy with us today, scotch fillets forever sweetheart,” Lisa wrote on Facebook.


As for Alexander? No brain damage, and the toddler is already back to being a rugrat. “You’re blessed to have him doing these little ratbag things, being a little monkey and getting into trouble,” David said. “But you know, he’s cheated death, but he can’t get away with murder, you gotta do what you’ve got to do.”


This story is one that gives the proof of how animals instinct are truly extraordinary. We’re glad this story has a happy ending and that Alexander is doing well. That was one serious close call!


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