He Went Outside To See How Much Snow Had Fallen And Saw Something Moving Under The Fresh Fallen Snow

There’s nothing more fun than playing in the snow.  Whether you’re skiing, sledding, or having a snowball fight, there’s no denying the sheer joy that comes from playing in nature’s winter sandbox.  But humans aren’t the ones who enjoy the snow, as one man just learned.

When he stepped outside to see the result of a recent snowstorm, he saw something moving underneath the fresh powder.  When he realized what it was, he couldn’t believe what was moving right before his eyes!

What… in the world?


Just wait until you see what this is!


That snow is plenty deep enough to get lost in, but the little dachshund seems to know where he is going and what he is doing.  I hope he gets plenty of time to play in the snow before spring comes and melts his playground!

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