She Was Rescued From A Fighting Ring 2 Years Ago And Is Still Waiting For A Forever Home

Lady Maybelline, a petite, cappuccino-brown dog, beautiful, great at cuddling, extremely intelligent, and courageous dog!  She’s also a patient dog who has been described  as “one of the best dogs”.  Lady Maybelline has been waiting to find her fur ever family for over two years!

Lady Maybelline has an incredible spirit that only further highlights how amazing survivors of dogfighting are.  Lady May was rescued from a dogfighting ring in Isola, MS in a rescue effort called Operation Delta Dogs by Animal Rescue Corps.  She was subsequently taken in by Handsome Dan’s Rescue.   Handsome Dan is a dog rescued from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels.

Lady Maybelline’s chain being cut and her wonderful journey of freedom beginning.

Amanda Duncan, Lady May’s foster mom extraordinaire, shared:

“My favorite thing about Lady Maybelline is how resilient she is. I am continuously amazed at her willingness to learn new things and trust new people. My favorite thing about being her foster mom is being able to watch her grow every step of the way. Her transformation has been nothing short of a miracle and I am humbled to have been a part of it!”

Lady Maybelline has grown leaps and bounds while in foster care with Amanda and her fiancé, Dan.  She continually expands her comfort zones and is becoming, as hard as it is to believe, even more amazing.

“Lady Maybelline has grown immensely from when she came to us. Maybelline was so fearful I could barely get her to walk outside to go to the bathroom, we tried to walk her in our neighborhood for some therapeuticexercise, she did nothing but pancake and shake. It took her about 10 months to be able to muster the courage up to go for a walk, even with high valuetreats. With patience, love, and persistence we got to the point where we are able to walk her just about anywhere now. She even enjoys playing outside in the yard with you now!”

What’s even more amazing about Lady Maybelline?   She snorts. Yes, like a wee little pig.

“She snorts when she eats [and] almost every morning she rolls around on her back and snorts and kicks, sort of like scratching or rubbing her back.”

With the snorting, we’re not so sure where the “Lady” part of Lady Maybelline’s name came from!

In addition to snorting, Lady Maybelline is a bit of a couch potato.  Her foster Mom Amanda said:

“Lady Maybelline is incredibly sweet, loving, and affectionate. She loves to cuddle, she is very smart, knows basic training commands well, and she is sort of a couch potato!”

Snorting, lounging around on a couch and having people address you as “Lady” like the royalty you are, you are precious Lady Maybelline.

Lady Maybelline has been on television on The Rhode Show helping to promote thedocumentary The Champions, but – wait for it – she has foam board cutouts of herself all around Rhode Island.

Trisha Torres, a volunteer with Handsome Dan’s Rescue, was the one who presented the idea of Lady May foam board cutouts and her reasoning is pretty straight-forward.

“[Lady Maybelline] is a celebrity all her own so why not?”

Her royal highness would like us to add that as such, she expects her loyal subjects to love her and only her. This Lady wants her human family and loves children!!

And who wouldn’t want Lady May to be all their own when her foster mom Amanda tells us that Lady May’s most endearing quality is her love.

“…[H]er most endearing quality is just how loving she is. It sounds crazy, but I feel the love she has when I look at her. She loves to be adored and fawned over[.] [T]he more pets and kisses, the better.”

To be able to share Lady May’s love in action and introduce her to potential adopters,Handsome Dan’s Rescue created an aMAYzing video all about one of our favorite survivors which you can watch below. (Lady May wants everyone to know that she did not approve of that incredibly corny joke so please don’t judge her — judge the author ofthe article.)

Handsome Dan recently held a contest on his Facebook page to have his followers come up with a hashtag to help get Lady Maybelline adopted.

The winning hashtag, #LadyMaybeYours, harkens to the possibility that Lady May is the dog that your family has been missing all along.

If you’re interested in adopting Lady Maybelline, please go to Handsome Dan’s websiteand fill out an application, writing Lady Maybelline’s name in the space that asks which dog you’re applying for.


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