This Vest Is Not Just A Trendy Fashion Accessory, It Could Also Save Your Pup’s Life One Day

This punk rock looking dog vest is far more than a trendy fashion accessory, it could save your dog’s life.  Inventor Paul Mott created this hardcore but utilitarian device after September 2014 when he lost his beloved dog Buffy following a coyote attack.



He was heartbroken and didn’t want another pup parent to experience his pain and in September 2015, Coyote Vest was born. His vision was to protect small dogs from coyotes and any other animal that might pose a threat to petite pups. It took numerous prototypes to work out the kinks and find solutions to all of the challenges that small dogs face.


Eventually, they found something that worked and looked mutherpuppin’ bad***.


In addition to making a dog look punked out and tough, the vest is made out of Kevlar. The neck on the vest is specifically fitted with a large spiked collar to prevent any neck bites.   Even the sides of the vest are double laminated to prevent any teeth punctures.


More important, your pet will be comfortable, even though she’ll look like she’s auditioning for the next Mad Max sequel.


The company is starting to make the news. They’ve made 120 vests to date and are meeting with a manufacturer this week to try to keep up with the demand of his furry pawed clients.



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