This Tiny Puppy Makes A Unique Coat Because He Is Shivering

The world is a cold cruel place for an 8 week old Chihuahua.

Especially for this little puppy that was dumped outside of a shelter in the middle of a freezing winter day.

Arthur was found by the staff at the RSPCA’s  Millbrook  rescue  centre, he was suffering from severe hypothermia.

“He had sores all over his body, weighed just 17 ounces, and was freezing cold,” the shelter’s deputy manager Liz Wood tells The Express. “His body temperature was four degrees lower than it should’ve been.”


So how do you warm a tiny little dog?  Dog coats slip off his little shivering body so something had to be specially made.

A child sock, that was the answer!


So Wood began creating coats for him from socks made for kids.


This Chinese-crested Chihuahua had a complete wardrobe consisting of “Despicable Me” here, a little “Tweetie Bird”


While he is recovering from his severe hypothermia, Wood says this “little trooper” already has a foster home lined up.


“He is such a sweet little pup,” Wood tells The Express. “He steals the hearts of everyone he meets.”

He a few socks as well…


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