Neglected Dog Was Tied To A Pole Outside Of A Shelter That’s Been Closed For A Year

It’s been more than a year the animal shelter on Ash Road in Lubbock, Texas, closed its doors.

Which made the seeing a dog tied to a pole outside all the more confusing and heartbreaking.

Dog abandoned at closed shelter

Whitney Turrentine was driving past the former shelter on Tuesday when she saw a severely malnourished dog covered in flies just sitting in the Texas sun.

In a Facebook post, She said someone had just dumped her there.

Dog abandoned at closed shelter
“I pulled up to the dog and she was just like wagging her tail … and like, ‘Thank you so much,'” Turrentine would later tell KCDB 11 News.

It turned out the dog, who was given the name Gracie, wasn’t waiting for those doors to open but was waiting for someone to come and give her a better life.

And within a few days, she was well on her way to her new life!

Dog abandoned at closed shelter

Turrentine brought Gracie to the Lubbock Animal Shelter Adoption Center. Once there, a request for a foster family went out on social media. And immediately it was answered.

“We haven’t been able to take dogs in for over a year now because we’ve been full where we keep them,” Laci Holcombe of Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue tells The Dodo. “So the only way we’ve been able to help is if someone offers to foster. Thankfully, one of our followers did that.”

Dog abandoned at closed shelter

Holcombe says it’s unlikely Gracie was tied to the pole for too long, someone would have spotted her quickly.

The dog’s real torment began long before she was dumped at the shelter.
“It takes a long time for a dog to get that skinny,” Holcombe says. “She was probably starved by whatever human she was with.”

Dog abandoned at closed shelter

They believe, Gracie, who’s a pit bull mix and now about 2 years old, was likely bred for profit before she was rescued. “Someone started breeding her as soon as they could and probably made a bunch of money off her puppies and then dumped her,” Holcombe says.

Dog abandoned at closed shelter
Lubbock Animal Services has also faced criticism because they put up a sign on a building it vacated last year that may confuse people looking to surrender their pets.
But Holcombe says that’s unfair.

“The fault needs to fall on the person who starved her and abandoned her,” she says.

And giving a special praise to the lady that stopped her car to help a dog waiting at doors that had long been closed.

Thanks to them, this dog has a new life, a healthy and happy life.

Dog abandoned at closed shelter

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