This Loving Loyal Dog Waits For His Owner To Return, What He Doesn’t Know?

The family dumped this dog of with only a stick of rawhide and a bag of dog food, sadly…

dog dumped

Ironically they dropped him off at a church, and on a SUNDAY.

He just cried and cried as he sat there.


Jessica Ellers, a local resident tried to get close to him, he would bark, wine and tremble not moving from the place he was dumped off, to wait for his family to return.

dumped church

Ellers contacted Dianna Helmers, founder of Agape Fosters, who to lived in the area to help with the dog she found.  He would start to follow the rescuers, but then stop and return to the place where he was dumped by the family who abandon him.

Finally, Helmers contacted her husband Roy to help in the rescue.  He walked up to him, began talking and petting him and then picked him up and put him in the car.

They named him Truman, as in “a faithful man”.  They didn’t think he was a stray for he was clean and appeared healthy except for a sore they found on his leg.


If you would like to help Agape Fosters find homes for dogs like Truman?  Visit the group’s Facebook page to see how you can adopt one of these faithful hearts or consider making a donation here.



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