A Life In Chains And Abuse, He Finally Breaks Free But See Where He Ends Up Looking For Help…

Baxter was abused, neglected, and unloved by his owner. He spent his nights chained up outside the house, longing for affection. ONE night,  Baxter finally musters up the courage to break free from his chain and t begins his journey to find a new home, all the while while singing Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” Oh, and he meets a lot of four-legged companions along the way.

But just wait until the ending… how perfect is this?! It’s got humor, emotion, mystery, tons of adorable animals, and a powerful message. If only all videos were like this one.

This video is actually an ad for the Blue Cross animal charity, one of Britain’s oldest animal welfare charities. This wonderful organization re-homes unwanted and rescued animals and provides veterinary care for people who cannot afford private vets’ fees.


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