See That Teddy Bear? Watch What The Horse Does

We met this dog grasping his beloved teddy bear between his teeth. But soon, he finds himself locked in an adorable power struggle with his curious horse friend. The dog wants the horse to take note of his favorite toy, and perhaps taunt him a bit by holding it close to the fence between him and the horse.

“This is my teddy bear! Isn’t it just the best? Too bad it’s notyours…” LOL!

We’ve seen the incredible bond between dog and horse before. Lucy and Whiskey Brown starred in a viral video that captured their amazing friendship. But moments later, the dog playfully allows the horse to get a hold of the bear. He wants to play tug-o-war! It’s difficult to say who will win this battle of wit and braun. Watch the video below to find out the teddy bear’s rightful owner.


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