Meet A Dog That Is So Excited To Go To The Park That He Develops His Own Language

Dogs love going to the park this we can all agree. But it’s their crazy bursts of energy that we all love when they hear a trigger word telling them to get ready. Personally for me it’s when I say, “walk, park, or swimming” that my dog starts doing circles and making all types of unique noises, his very own language if you will. All dog owners know what i’m talking about here, I hope.

Now we get to this excited dog! His owners are on their way to the park with their beautiful dog in the back seat when they decide to film their doggo talking. Oh my this pooch is beyond excited once he hears they are going to his favorite place in the world, the park! He starts talking up a storm but I can’t figure out what language he is speaking. Check it out for yourself and see if you can decipher.


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