This Heroic Military Dog Is Awarded The Purple Heart For His Bravery

Military K9s have a long history of fearlessly going into battle alongside the country’s soldiers.

In fact, even soldiers during WWII have once relied on the skill and intelligence of Army dogs, and havecommemorated their heroism in the most touching ways.

This holiday season, we honor and pray for all our soldiers overseas, whether human or canine, and hope for the speedy recovery of those who have been safely brought back home.

We especially look forward to the recovery of Fort Hood Soldier Andrew Brown and his K9 companion, Rocky.

The pair was injured in a building explosion in Afghanistan, but both are fortunately looking at a full recovery. A photo of the friends has gone viral very quickly on Facebook, capturing the hearts of thousands…

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Fort Hood Soldier Andrew Brown and his military dog, Rocky, were badly hurt by an IED blast in a building they were searching. They have both been brought safely back home from Afghanistan, and are recovering at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C.


Rocky was awarded a well-deserved Purple Heart for his bravery and service, and has since been brought back by Andrew’s side. “Rocky and his handler are staying in the same room right now as they are receiving treatment for their injuries,” the 89th Military Police Brigade wrote in a Facebook post.


The photo of the friends has warmed the hearts of well-wishers all over the world, and has been shared almost 4,000 times. “Thank you for being away from your family and friends this Christmas so that I and many others may be with ours in relative safety,” wrote Liz Higgins, from Australia.


Thank you both for your service, and know that you have all of my love and respect. If you are ever in Cape Canaveral, FL, I will love to thank you both in person!” wrote Millie Andreasen.

Other commenters were ecstatic that Andrew and Rocky could stay so close together while recovering.

“God bless your Soldiers… both human and canine!!” wrote Mark Bailey. “They are all heroes and I am especially proud of the hospital for allowing Rocky to stay by his handler’s side. They will help each other heal for sure.”


With each other’s support, both of these courageous soldiers are sure to recover swiftly and fully. Andrew’s family has already visited him at the hospital, and Rocky will make his way back to Fort Hood after he gets better.


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