You Won’t Believe What This Dog Does While This Family Is Out, OMG Be Prepared!

If you have an ink cartilage in your home, it’s probably smart to keep it out of your dog’s reach.

That’s what this family learned when they came home and found a million black paw prints covering every inch of their home. Just wait and see this, OMG!

While they were at the movies for 3 hours, their dog showed them who’s boss.


Judging by these photos, I’m going to assume that this family likes to keep 30 gallons of calligraphy ink on hand at all times.


The canine culprit needs a little practice when it comes to lettering.


No room was spared.


That’s just cold.


Okay, what the dog did is horrible, but how could anyone possibly stay mad at that face?


Fortunately for everyone involved, the ink was non-toxic and easy to clean up!


Again…the face. Just look at that face.


You may think twice about leaving ink out for your “active and curious” dog to find!!