These Rescued Dogs Enjoy An Easter Egg Hunt

Trio Animal Foundation held a doggie Easter egg hunt yesterday, and the photos of it are just too cute.

Hazel Grace and her friends had their very first Easter egg hunt at Unleashed Pups today!

Tasty treats were hid inside the plastic Easter eggs and pin holes were made on each end. The pups used their super sniffers, all of the pups found their eggs and pawed them open to find their very own Easter treats inside!

If daycare wasn’t cool enough… today just sealed the deal for these dogs!



3.26.16 - TAF Easter Egg Hunt4





3.26.16 - TAF Easter Egg Hunt6


3.26.16 - TAF Easter Egg Hunt7

3.26.16 - TAF Easter Egg Hunt8




3.26.16 - TAF Easter Egg Hunt11

3.26.16 - TAF Easter Egg Hunt12



3.26.16 - TAF Easter Egg Hunt14

We hope you enjoy our pups Easter egg hunt and have a Happy Easter!


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