This Little Boy Has An Amazing Chauffeur

Mom saw her darling little baby having the time of his life in his brand-new car, she just knew she had to start recording his adorable little face. He was driving around in his new toy with his best furry friend riding shotgun.

It doesn’t get much cuter than that, so she picked up her camera and started to film her little boy driving the family dog, Daisy, around in circles. But after a few moments of driving, she saw something that left her laughing like crazy. Her little boy wasn’t the one behind the wheel at all, it was Daisy the dog!

The little boy seemed to enjoy himself quite well. Leaning back as his personal driver took some pretty sharp turns, this duo make quite the adorable pair.

We’re sure that these two will grow up to be the closest of friends, and they’ve still got quite a lot of driving left to do!

Thank goodness Mom was there to record this absolutely perfect video. It’s no surprise that it’s “going viral!” When you watch these two thoroughly enjoying themselves, you’ll easily agree that they make the cutest driving team you’ve ever seen!


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