Her Dog Dies Within An Hour Of Their Walk, But When The Vet Told Her This…

Thank you for your comments, we have research information based on them  Here is a picture of the Hemlock plant and also 2 websites for more information.  Also they are not just in the South per video, I have seen them in the midwest.  Thank you for your comments and we hope this will help.


For many pet owners, a dog is more than just a furry companion. Regardless of what compelled them to welcome the pet into their home, it’s now an important member of the family. Keeping your curious pet from adventures  can sometimes be a real challenge. Even a well-trained dog can still feel compelled to eat something humans wouldn’t even consider, so it can be difficult to predict what might appeal to them.

Yet, it’s important to get a good handle on what kind of plants are in your area; some can have some terrifying consequences for man’s best friend. Sadly, one Colorado family found this out in the worst possible way when their dog ate a quick-acting poison.

A three-year-old border collie mix was out for a walk at Horsetooth Reservoir.

At first, everything was going fine. She explored the wetlands with her owner nearby.


Soon enough, she discovered a plant with a carrot-like odor.

She began “playfully chewing” on it and nothing seemed to happen at first.


However, it wasn’t long before she fell seriously ill.

Within an hour of eating the plant, she was dead.


Unfortunately, she wasn’t the first dog this has happened to.

Last year, a cocker spaniel named Milo died an hour after stopping to chew on a similar plant. In both cases, both their breathing and muscles seemed to be affected.

The only good news is we know what they were both chewing on.

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