This Homeless Dog Was Dangling From A Fence For Two Days, But Wasn’t Alone.


Athena is a stray dog that was recently found dangling helplessly from a fence. The poor dog became entangled in the latticed fencing, struggling to set herself free, and was unable to move for two whole days.

Amazingly she was not alone.

When rescuers found Athena, her foot was wrapped in the fence.  But take a look on the other side of the fence.


That’s Zeus, a very loyal friend who never left Athena’s side for two days.



The fence was out in the middle of nowhere and was out of eyesight. So Zeus did what dogs do best, barked and yelped until someone heard the load continuous noise!


When rescuers at the Lifeline Animal Project finally found the two and took Athena into emergency care, Zeus howled and howled until they were reunited. He truly loves her, and he saved her life!


Athena escaped with only a swollen toe, but she and Zeus both still need homes. If you or anyone you know would be interested in adopting them or want to know more about the Lifeline Animal Project, please visit their website for information.


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