She Asks Her Dog A Question, His Reply Is Hilarious

Usually, when I ask my dog a question, he just gives me a blank stare. Unless I’m holding a toy or a treat in my hand, he doesn’t show any signs of comprehension. This is not at all the case for the clever pit bull in the video below! His name is CZR (Ceasar), and when his owner first asks if he wants to go outside, he shakes his head “no.” But when she asks if he wants a cookie, the dog excitedly nods his head “yes.” The video was uploaded by the YouTube channel teamCZR, a channel primarily dedicated to documenting the pit bull’s astounding communication skills. According to the channel’s YouTube description, the dog has been trained basic communication skills by learning motions from his owner that communicate a “yes” or a “no.”

Dogs have various ways of communicating their needs to humans through body language and behaviors such as barking, whining, and growling. As CZR demonstrates in this video, it is possible to teach a dog to nod “yes” or shake “no” by using training methods involving inflection, repetition, and hand motions. Learning how to properly communicate with dogs is very helpful when caring for a canine pet.

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