23 Ways Getting A Dog Changes Your Life Forever

If you own a dog already, you will laugh. People considering getting a dog may briefly doubt whether it’s a good decision after all. However, in the end, the love you get from a dog is worth every single challenge you’re about to see (and plus you get all the good stuff too)!

1. Before: Waking up to the sound of your alarm at the exact time you specified

After: Waking up to panting, hair, and slobber at whatever time your dog specifies

Source: huffingtonpost.com

2. Before: Going on long, steady walks or jogs

After: Going on long walks or jogs that are interrupted by frequent bathroom breaks

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3. Before: Finding the occasional human hair stuck to your clothes

After: Finding dog hairs on your clothes, in your food, on your furniture, and everywhere else you could ever imagine

Source: thedogtrainingsecret.com

4. Before: Having the bed to yourself or sharing with your significant other

After: Savoring every moment when you have more than six inches of space to sleep on

Source: greenacreshomestead.com

5. Before: Using the door for entering and exiting the house

After: Using the door to let the dog out, waiting five minutes for the dog to decide if she ACTUALLY wants to go out, closing it, and then opening it again when the dog decides she does indeed want to go out

Source: aplacetolovedogs.com

6. Before: Smelling like whatever perfume, cologne, or soap you used that day

After: Smelling like whatever your dog rolled in before he jumped into your lap

Source: andreaarden.com

7. Before: Spotless floors

After: Floors covered in muddy pawprints and flecks of slobber

Source: thefuntimesguide.com

8. Before: Cleaning up the occasional beverage spill

After: Cleaning up bodily fluids that are definitely not yours

Source: leospetcare.com

9. Before: Going to the doctor

After: Spending a small fortune on vet bills

Source: thehighdefinite.com

10. Before: Eating meals in peace

After: Never being alone when food is involved

11. Before: Your guests spending all their time with you

After: Your guests spending all their time with your dog

Source: petsmart.com

12. Before: Hearing the doorbell and knowing someone was at your house

After: Hearing incessant, crazed barking and knowing someone is kind of near your house

13. Before: A yard covered in grass and maybe a lawn ornament or two

After: A yard covered in poo, tennis balls, and sticks

Source: livingingraceland.com

14. Before: Leaving plates of food wherever you please

After: Ain’t no countertop high enough, ain’t no table low enough

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15. Before: People walking in, sniffing, and asking what delightful candle you were burning

After: People walking in, sniffing, and asking if you just gave your dog a bath

Source: vinepair.com

16. Before: Trusting your mother’s judgment regarding people you dated

After: Trusting your dog’s judgment regarding people you date

Source: rap.genius.com

17. Before: Buying a car based on appearance, price, and gas mileage

After: Buying a car based on whether or not it can accommodate your canine companion(s)

Source: twolittlecavaliers.com

18. Before: Going to the mall and wishing you could take home all the latest gadgets

After: Going to a shelter and wishing you could take home all the dogs

Source: universalflag.com

19. Before: Peace and quiet means that all is right in the house

After: Peace and quiet means that something is being methodically shredded

Source: fivestardogresort.net

20. Before: Worrying about getting to the airport on time before vacation

After: Worrying about what to do with the dog while on vacation

Source: bzdogs.com

21. Before: Sweeping up food you dropped on the floor

After: Knowing someone else will immediately devour whatever you drop on the floor

Source: gifrific.com

22. Before: You talked in a normal-pitched voice with normal speech patterns

After: You talk in a high-pitched voice and repeat certain phrases. Oh yes you do, oh yes you do.

Source: xn-lako-h6a.net

23. Before: Having a life that was great overall, but feeling like something was missing

After: Feeling like the dog-shaped hole in your heart has finally been filled

Source: thatcutesite.com
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