This Adorable Little Girl Was Born “Different”, Unwanted Then Thrown Away. But Wait Until You See What She Accomplishes!

One look at Daffodil and you’ll wander how anyone could give up on her. This adorable abandoned puppy was found in a cardboard box. She was left to die, until someone finally cared and picked her up. Fortunately, this good samaritan brought her to the amazing folks at the San Francisco SPCA.

What they do for little Daffodil will make you believe in humanity again. They figured that she needed to be able to get around on her own to have a second chance at life, and so they fashioned a new set of wheels for her. Just look at the painstaking measurements, the body cast, and the effort they put into building her special ride. It’s all worth it. When you see Daffodil take her first “steps,” you’ll feel like cheering. Sure, she’s got to practice a bit (her first ride ends with her falling face first on the floor!), but once she gets the hang of it, she’ll be a champ. Just like the folks at the SPCA who took the time and attention to giving her a second chance.


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