He’d Been Homeless His Entire Life. When They Start To Shave Him? OMG…


Hope for Paws is doing tremendous work when it comes to saving animals’ lives. They’ve given hope to plenty of stray animals and helped them to find homes that they would otherwise not find on their own. So when they got a call about a stray dog that was living on the streets, they hopped into action immediately.

It was obvious that the dog was fearful of people, as it hid under a car as soon as they showed up and once they got off, it ran towards a busy intersection. Thankfully, the dog didn’t run into traffic, but into the yard of a church where it was easy for them to capture the dog. He put up a good fight, desperate to get away, but they just wanted to give him a better life. Once they took him in, they shaved him down and gave him a bath to get rid of all those fleas. And then the emotional healing began.


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