When Your Dog Is Doing The Following, Please Know…

There are plenty of other clues your dog uses to communicate with you. When you learn just how your dog is talking to you, you’ll be ready to understand your furry friend better than ever!

1.  Constant eye contact is like a kiss from your pooch.


2. When he brings you a toy, it’s actually a gift, not meant to be thrown!


3. When your pup wants to be in your bed instead of his own bed or crate, it’s proof you’re number one in his heart. 


4. When he comes full force when he sees you, you’re the center of his universe!


5. Don’t feel guilty when they are starting at you right when you are leaving, they are showing their trust you will be back.


6. Do you want to know what your dog is feeling? Look at their eyes. Studies show dogs are more expressive with their eyes when trying to communicate with their owners.


7. Does he want cuddling with you after meals? That’s a sign that you’re his number one friend!


8. When he can’t hug you, he will lean up on you!



9. When your dog yawns in front of you, it means he feels safe!10. A flick of the tongue?


10. When he flips his tongue, he has been naughty!


We hope this helps you “know” your loved ones actions a little better!

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