This German Shepherd Was Left To Die In The Desert Heat. Please Share Her Amazing And Unusual Rescue!

Several months ago, several women were driving in the desert of California and couldn’t believe what they saw in the blazing hot desert.


For four months they have been feeding her trying to gain her trust so they could get close enough to rescue her from the smoldering heat with temperatures as high as 107 degrees. 


The women reached out to the rescue organization Hope for Paws to ask for help.  And Venus, they names her, was also very close to the busy road. So Animal Control and animal safe traps were used to try and capture Venus. Nothing had worked and they knew they were running out of time!


So lastly, Hope for Paws brought someone with them to tranquilize Venus so that they could get her to safety. After being tranquilized they took her to a hotel for the night.  When Venus awoke she was very frightened, understandably so.


“She was unhappy when she woke up in the hotel room, running around the room and jumping on everything, trying to gain her bearings,” Lisa, a volunteer with Hope for Paws, explained. “She even tried to jump through the closed window a few times.”

The founder of Hope for Paws, stayed with Venus all night, attempting to gain her trust. She had been alone for so long that being with so many people was alarming for her.


The next morning, the women who had been feeding Venus for months came to have breakfast with her and were so happy to see she was calm and allowing people to even pet her!

The women who discovered this abandoned dog in the hot desert had to say their sad goodbye after months of feeding and working to get Venus the help she desperately needed; and thanks to them she received!

desert venus

Venus was placed with a loving foster family through Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. She is thriving and happy in her foster home with two other German Shepherds while she awaits for her forever home.


Lisa stated, “She’s the kind of dog that will be really loyal to her owner and only have eyes for you.”

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This is Venus’s amazing rescue video:


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