A Depressed Kitten Was Starving Herself, But Then She Met This Dog And Finds Her Joy!

A tiny, two-week-old kitten was found alone on the streets of San Jose, California, and brought to an animal rescuer named Thoa Bui. But no matter what Thoa did, she could not get the kitty to eat.

They tried taking care of the kitten, but nothing was working. She wouldn’t even eat. Then she met Lilo.


Lilo the Husky took her in. Miraculously, the kitten started eating after a couple hours of cuddling.


The two became inseparable. When sleeping, they can’t not be touching!


Now that Rosie is grown up, she may be having a bit of an identity crisis. 😉


That was bound to happen being raised by a Husky. But the funniest part is that she now demands to be leashed on walks, and she even goes outside to pee!


Rosie has retained some cat-like features because of living with other cats, but there’s no doubting she was raised by a Husky!


When she’s not with Lilo, she’s usually hanging out with a few other Huskies named Infinity and Miko.


Rosie was once alone and heartbroken, but now she has all the love she can handle. And it’s all thanks to a dog who decided to play mom.


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