This Once Prominent Dentist Gave It All Up, The Results Will Astound You.

Many people in Greece are suffering from the economic trouble that are weighing down this country.  Most families are concerned with feeding themselves and their children and are not focused on the animals that are also suffering.  So Theoklitos Proestakis was a dentist,  gave up everything literally, all of his things and his job so he could help as many dogs as he could.

Warning: some of the images are difficult to look at.

Theoklitos Proestakis, known as Takis, was a dentist in Lerapetra, before coming and giving his time.

Proestakis, known as Takis, used to be a dentist in Lerapetra, a town in the south of Crete, but he couldn't stand what he was seeing.

Due to the expense, spraying and neutering animals isn’t really practiced in Greece.

Spaying and neutering animals isn't widely practiced in Greece, simply because of the expense.

So many of the dogs are needing so much medical attention.

The amount of dogs wandering the streets was too much for him to bear in good conscience.

 The once dentist gave up everything, job, cars and  uses his money to help as many dogs as he can.

So he gave up his job, his car, and used all of his money to help as many dogs as possible.

He actually single handedly started a shelter without financial help.  Thankfully the social media caught on and made needed resources available.

This dog named Hope was skinned alive by a monster, then was thrown away like trash to only suffer in the hot, dry sun.  A very sick individual needs to be imprisoned.

Hope was skinned alive by some monster before being thrown away like trash to suffer in the hot, dry sun.

This is Hope now!

This is Hope now, doing light-years better. When people saw the miracles Takis was working, <a href="" target="_blank">fundraising sites and inquiries started popping up from all corners of the world</a>.

Takis has saved over 200 dogs and has put 40 others in permanent homes.

Takis has saved over 200 dogs to date and has re-homed about 40 of them.

Unfortunately, every day there is a dog suffering that he needs to save from the streets.

There's not a day that goes by that he doesn't find another dying dog in the streets.

He still continues to work 7 days a week.

He works seven days a week, full-time. Even when he goes home, he spends time posting his pups online in hopes of finding them new families.

To feed these dogs is astronomical but he has been able to do this with continued support.

The expense for feeding as many dogs as Takis has to is astronomical, but he's glad to make it happen.

Here is an example of what the donation help fund, lots and lots of food!

But now that some of his animals have sponsors and people are donating to his cause, the strain has been lifted a bit, and the dogs are getting fed every day.

Finally, Takis was able to purchase a car to transport the dogs to their vet appointments!

Last month, Takis was even able to afford a car to transport the pups to the vet in! This is a huge milestone.

You can see the joy on these dog’s faces how happy they are living at the shelter.

You can really tell all the dogs are so happy to be living in the shelter.

A single man made this possible with his love and dedication.

They get so much love, attention, and care from one very dedicated man.

He remains as dedicated as the day he started this process.

Takis will continue to help the animals suffering from human political failure for as long as there is a need.

Please know that every donation, no matter the size counts and help save a dog’s life.

<a href="" target="_blank">Every donation counts towards saving another pup</a>.

And the kittens haven’t been forgotten, they need help also~!

Oh, and he doesn't forget about all the kitties that need his help, too.

“It’s difficult but I love it. I work so hard here but when I see the dogs happy and enjoying themselves and learning to trust people again, then it’s all worth it.”

"It's difficult but I love it. I work so hard here but when I see the dogs happy and enjoying themselves and learning to trust people again, then it's all worth it."

If you’re interested in giving one of these dogs a home, send Takis a message via the shelter’s Facebook page(you’ll also want to follow the page for updates)!  If you want to lend a helping hand from across an ocean,you can donate, too.

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