There A Few Things About Butterflies Most People Don’t Know, And It’s Quite Disturbing.

We know snakes are deadly and some of the most beautiful flowers can be as deadly.  Animals innocent as they may seem can be secretly dangerous.  Surprisingly butterfly have a dark secret, wait and see what we mean!

Everyone loves butterflies. They’re just so beautiful!


But did you know that all butterflies, given the opportunity, will happily drink your blood?


Rest easy, there aren’t any butterflies capable of inflicting a bloody wound on a human.


But if given access to the stuff, butterflies have been known to dig in and drink up.


It might sound brutal, but it makes a lot of sense. Blood contains all manner of minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for most living organisms.


It also contains a significant amount of sodium and glucose, two essential dietary blocks for most butterflies. Both of these are also found in fruit.


Hovering over pools of fluids is  called mud-puddling. Butterflies examine puddles of mud, blood, feces, or gore and extract whatever nutrients are available to them.


Another common source of mud-puddling? Tears, another rich source of sodium.


So try not to think about that the next time one of these beautiful creatures lands on your shoulder! 


Just try not to think about that the next time one of these beautiful creatures lands on your shoulder! 


Oh, did we mention there is a species of moth that will actually bite you to extract the yummy red stuff?


I don’t know about you, but we believe you’re never going to be able to look at butterflies the same way again. Yikes!

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