When A Man Saves This Crow’s Life, See How He Says Thank You

First a black crow named Blackie steals his heart, then steals his teeth!

Chris Pretorius shared a photo of Blackie, a crow at his animal rescue farm in South Africa, showing off his new smile that used to belong to Pretorius.


“I was cleaning my dentures this morning in the bathroom when my cell phone rang,” wrote Pretorius on Facebook. “When I came back, I found Blackie smiling at me with my own teeth. And I don’t think he wanted to give them up.”

Pretorius claims this isn’t the first time a bird has taken off with his pearly whites, saying he was lucky Blackie was indoors so he couldn’t fly off with them “like another crow did a couple of years ago.”


Pretorius has been rehabilitating sick and orphaned birds for almost a decade, beginning when a hungry owl first showed up on his property in 2007.

Blackie is the newest member since coming in December.  He was dying from heat exhaustion.


“Scientists think they’re the smartest birds,” Pretorius told news site Netwerk24.

Pretorius said the only way he could get his dentures back was when he went to hide under a sofa cushion!


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