Meet Goliath, This Baby Calf Has A Serious Identity Issue, This Will Crack You Up!

Meet Goliath. He’s a calf who likes to do the same things our pups do: lounge, eat, play… But Goliath actually believes that he’s just another one of his family’s dogs! Watch him eat dog kibble, lounge on the dog’s bed, and even try to nurse from one of his new family’s Great Danes, Leonidas!

This handsome fellow wasn’t always so lucky. He was saved by Shaylee Hubbs and her family from being slaughtered at a dairy farm. When he was born, he was very sick, but the Danville, California, family brought him to their ranch and nursed him back to health. Leonidas had a huge hand in Goliath’s recovery: he would lick, nudge, and cuddle with the baby until he got better. Now he’s a happy, hungry little calf who enjoys being fed by Shaylee!

Normally, this cutie sleeps out in the playhouse in the backyard, but one morning, Shaylee walked into the living room to find an extraordinary sight: Goliath relaxing on the family’s couch  just like a dog! And she says that she only left the door open for five minutes!

We love that Goliath is enjoying his new home and that he has three new puppy friends!


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