Cats Who Look So Much Like Other Things, It’s Frightening

Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem…especially when it comes to cats. Yes, they may seem like adorable, fuzzy little bundles of joy when you bring them home from the shelter…until they proceed to knock over your coffee onto the brand new carpeting. But we love them anyway, especially when they rub up against us and give us plenty of kitty love.

Some cats even defy logic and look like completely other things, including famous people and every day objects, from Charlie Chaplin to your favorite rug.

1. Batman

1. BatmanReddit/Boredpanda

2. Roasted Chicken

2. Roasted ChickenImgur/Boredpanda

3. Rug

3. RugImgur/Boredpanda

 4. Charlie Chaplin

4. Charlie

5. Halloween Decoration

5. Halloween DecorationImgur

6. Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons”

6. Mr. Burns from Reddit/Boredpanda


7. Albert Einstein

7. Albert EinsteinBoredpanda

8. Dobbie the Elf from “Harry Potter”

8. Dobbie the Elf from Imgur/Boredpanda

9. Pin-Up Model

9. Pin-Up ModelTumblr/Boredpanda

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

10. Leonardo DiCaprioBoredpanda

11. Fluffy Keyring

11. Fluffy KeyringTwitter/Boredpanda

12. Swamp Monster

12. Swamp MonsterDeviantart/Boredpanda

13. Jamie from “Mythbusters”

13. Jamie from Reddit/Boredpanda

14. Maleficent

14. Maleficent

15. Salvador Dali

15. Salvador DaliHamiltonTheHipsterCat/Boredpanda

16. Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon”

16. Toothless from

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