15 Frisky Felines Not Happy For Christmas

It’s a tradition as old as the ole Tannenbaum for feisty felines across the globe.  ‘Tis the season…for your cats to go crazy trying to destroy your Christmas cheer! They simply can’t let the tinsel, lights, and ornaments get away with existing in the same space as them for even just a few weeks.

This will put you in the spirit for sure, or at least make you laugh for awhile!

  1. “I am charging all of my powers!”

"I will absorb all its powers and then CRUSH IT."

2. “Aw bah humbug!”

No picture has ever screamed "bah humbug" more.

3. “It’s a jungle in here.”

He will conquer his foe if it's the last thing he does.

4. “Don’t I make the perfect ornament?”

"Me? Destroy the tree? I would never!"

5. “I really hate this.”

"I will make you suffer for this."

6. A look when he realized he is stuck.

The look when he realized he was stuck.

7. “Turn the lights down!”


8. “We better get something good this year.”

"This is the woooorst." "We are so giving them 'lumps of coal' in their shoes tonight."

9.  “This is my favorite.”

It's all about the angles.

10. “I know, it’s not nice to stick out my tongue.”

"Santa can shove it."

11. “Just helping with the decorating.”

"We must make sure nothing survives!!"

12. “You never saw me, got it?”

"...you never saw me, got it?"

13. ” No way am I on the naughty list.”

"Good thing I don't care about being on the 'nice' list."

14. Smile, its Christmas. “No!”

"There, happy? Now get this crap out of my sight."

15. “Which one is mine?”

"Ahem, I don't see my name on any of these."


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