Owner Video Something Hilarious When Their Kittens Discover This!

Anyone who has owned a cat has most likely experienced the phenomenon of a feline friend turning its nose up at toys while finding extreme joy and amusement in random items like grocery bags and boxes. You may even have bought an expensive cat tree for your cat to climb, rest in, play on, etc. only to find that, in years of owning said cat, the cattree never got scratched more than once or twice. While this can be extremely frustrating when you’ve spent money on a toy that never gets used, it can be quite amusing on the flipside to see what your kitty does like to play with. For the owner of the litter of very curious and playful kittens in the video below, this was absolutely the case.

You can hear the anonymous owner chuckling in the background of the video as he filmshis four rambunctious kittens romping around the pool table and climbing in and out of the pockets to run and pounce on each other. While playing with, hunting, and stalking each other are all very normal aspects of kitten development, it’s seriously funny to watchthem do so on such unusual terrain.
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