26 Before/After Photos Show The Impact A Loving Home Has On Cats

#15. They can be super affectionate.

cats before and after

#16. “Why look at the Internet when you could just look at me?!”

#17. They love selfies.

#18. Snow White has grown up to be one beautiful kitty.

#19. Super cat.

#20. “My favorite toy.”

#21. Remember you had enough room to sit?

#22. A rescue kitten getting love and care into adulthood.

#23. “Three’s a crowd.”

#24. Show me a cat more majestic than Walter.

#25. Reddit user says, “Found abandoned in the gutter at 2 weeks old. Now fat and happy!!”

#26. This adopted cat started life with respiratory issues, but look at how fluffy he’s gotten!

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