Cat Loves Taking Selfies With His Buddies And No One Knows Quite How He Does It

While mastering the fine art of selfies isn’t easy for humans, it’s even harder if you don’t have opposable thumbs. But Selfie Cat, aka Manny, has mastered taking purr-fect selfies with all his buddies.

Manny’s human bought a GoPro and this clever kitten seems to have worked out how to snap himself and his puppy pals.

selfie cat 1

Manny’s human, Instagram user @yoremahm, told LoveMeow, “He is the boss of the dogs.”

selfie cat 2

Manny’s busy putting his new-found skill to good use, posing for selfies on days out, while the Internet tries to work out how he does it.

selfie cat 3

The selfie cat was a stray who found his human after @yoremahm’s old cat died. They’ve been together ever since.

selfie cat 4

Now Manny is going viral after his astonishingly dextrous selfie-taking skills gained popularity on Instagram.

selfie cat 5

Manny snaps all of his escapades, although sometimes you can tell he’s having to concentrate quite hard.

selfie cat 6

And he doesn’t always nail his most attractive pose.

selfie cat 7

But he certainly seems to be enjoying his time in the limelight and show no sign of putting down his camera.