See Why This Owner Is Freaked Out By His Cat

This man bought his cat a pound of feline altering herb.  The pet owner posted the kitten and his wide eyed reaction online.


They are not sure how much this little guy, Scareface actually got into but the picture speak for themselves!

wide eyed

When I saw these wild intense eyes, I said, ” Good kitty, now don’t attack me!”

Fortunately, a pound of dried catnip is sage for cats.

“Catnip is completely nontoxic to cats,” writes Janet Tobiassen Crosby, a doctor of veterinary medicine, on “If a large quantity of fresh catnip is consumed, you may see some vomiting or diarrhea, but this is rare and self-limiting.”

It’s a good idea to monitor your cat’s intake, just to make sure you have peace of mind from not having a “crazy cat” on your hands