After Their Family Dog Passed Away From Cancer, This Cat’s Reaction Was Heartbreaking.

This is the story of two inseparable best friends, The dog’s name is Charlie and Scout is the cat’s name. When Charlie got sick with cancer, Scout wouldn’t leave his friend’s side. Unfortunately, Charlie recently lost his battle with the disease, and Scout reacted in the most heartbreaking way. So get some get some tissues.

Charlie and Scout were best friends.

dog cancer

As soon as Scout was brought home (at only 5 weeks old), she couldn’t sleep anywhere else but next to Charlie.

dog cancer2

The two became inseparable.

dog cancer2

Charlie was always very gentle around his tiny friend, and pretty much let her do what ever she wanted to him.


They ate dinner together. Scout’s favorite thing was to smell Charlie’s ears.


The two were rarely apart. Everywhere Charlie went, Scout would follow.


Charlie recently passed away after a battle with cancer.


Since he passed, their owners have been placing the iPad on Charlie’s old bed for Scout, playing videos of Charlie.


Scout likes to watch the iPad and curl up to the sound of Charlie’s old videos.


Scout misses her big furry friend a whole bunch.


If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be crying for approximately eternity. There is nothing quite like the love of an animal.


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