You’re Going To Crack Up When You See What This Hilarious Cat Does Every Time He Sees A Human

Most people who adore cats and love that they are independent and they don’t require a lot of the care that dogs or other pets need.

This cat, however, is not your “NORMAL” cat.  When he sees a human, he reaches for the sky as if he’s about to be robbed.  This is hilarious.

This takes most people by surprise!


Whenever a human comes near, this is his famous position.


Some people believe that the cat was abused previously, but no one can be sure.


You will laugh for sure when he sees you, paws go up~




Here he is in true form!

After GIFs surfaced, people put their Photoshopping skills to work...



Shoot for the stars little guy.

What an amazing loop.

Keep reaching for the stars little fury feline friend!


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