Wait Until You See Who Their “Dad” Is To These Adorable 7 Chihuahuas!

There is a very unique furry family in Bangkok, Thailand.  It consist of seven Chihuahuas (five puppies and the two parents) and they live with their human mom, but it’s their “dad” that makes the family truly unique.

Here are seven adorable pups, but its’s their father figure that makes this fury family so special!


This is Ritchie, the CAT, the “father” of the bunch!


When their mom started uploading their photos and daily activities to Instagram,  they became internet famous!


The tightest bond is between Ritchie and Kuma, the smallest of the bunch!


When you see one, the other is close by, ALWAYS…


Of course “dad” has enough love for everyone.  They’re one big happy family!


How adorable is this? <3



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