You Have To See This Cat’s Reaction To Being Petted So Watch For The Sweet Spot

There’s not much that can compare to the heart-warming purr of a cat. But one feline friend is showing us that there’s another adorable, and hilarious sound that can showcase their appreciation for pets. In a viral YouTube video, a cat who wandered into a man’s backyard makes a sound you have to hear to believe.
This sweet spot right at the base of the tail – is a favorite for felines, according to Vetstreet. But this quirky kitty shows us while he may like it, it might also make him a bit ticklish! Every time the man scratches him there the cat squeals this little tune  almost like a laugh, complete with the strangest mouth movement.
There are plenty of YouTube videos out there featuring very ticklish cats who react in particularly odd ways when scratched in a particular area. But this one’s definitely a keeper!
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