Two Big Dogs And One Tiny Cat Snuggle Together For A Nice Afternoon Nap

Kiko, the beautiful golden retriever, might be beautiful to look at, but he’s always been a bit nervous around strangers. Even though his mom treats him with a lot of love, sometimes it seems like he was just too shy to be around lots of people in new places.

But amazingly, Kiko found himself a best friend in the beautiful white-furred retriever by the name of Watson. And just like humans, it seems that Kiko just needed a close friend to let him know how special and amazing he truly is!

But when Mom decided to bring a cat into the mix, the two dogs didn’t act like most people would initially expect. Make sure to check out their mom’s amazing Instagram to keep up with their day-to-day lives.


Kiko has always been a bit of an introvert. He’s been dealing with some anxiety issues, but his amazing mother Jennifer knew that she’d be able to bring a smile to this cute little face soon enough!


Sometimes, however, a human can only do so much when it comes to helping a dog out. Something about Watson’s amazingly outgoing personality managed to bring Kiko out of his slump and he managed to gain confidence in himself as the beautiful dog that he truly is!


But when mom brought Harry the cat into the mix, a lot of us would expect things to go sour. But once again, Watson managed to bring everyone together in peace and harmony.

Harry initially wasn’t too sure about hanging out with dogs. They are, after all, a cat’s worst enemy, right?


Apparently not! Kiko and Harry hit it off, too! Thanks to Watson’s happy-go-lucky nature, this whole household managed to keep things all smiles!


Nowadays, you can find all three of these amazing animals napping together and having the time of their lives. Jennifer deserves a lot of praise for taking these animals into her home, and something tells us that they love her very much.


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