Rescue Cat Known As “Cashnip Kitty” Snatches Money From People’s Hands To Donate To Homeless

Sir-Whines-A-Lot is probably one of the funniest cats!  His unusual habit you ask? He is obsessed with money!

The cat has lived at GuRuStu, a local Tulsa, Oklahoma, company for about two years. They just recently, however, noticed his obsession with money! The workers would come to work and find the floor littered with dollar bills.

It did not take long for the employees to figure out that people passing by the glass door were playing with him using dollar bills.

“If he is in the mood, he will take, and it is very strange,” Stuart McDaniel, GuRuStu’s founder, said. “I do not know whether he has got a type or a time or… I think it is a game of chance; he’ll take the dollar!”

The company is generously donating every single dollar to Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.

The employees have put up a “warning” sign on the glass door so those walking by will see what will happen if they put money through the slit of the door and where the cash will go.

The cat is now nicknamed CASHnip Kitty because he is getting so much attention! On one weekend in mid-September, the cat snatched $110 from people coming to play with him! All that cash is going straight to charity!

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