19 Perfectly Camouflaged Pets. Try to Find Them!

These sweet fur babies have mastered the art of camouflaging with their surroundings. They’ve spent so much time lounging around the house, they’re starting to blend right in! Check out the gallery and Please SHARE if you love animals!

The art of camouflage: this fierce feline NAILS it!

If she fits, she sits!

This pooch has been lounging for so long, he's becoming one with the sheets.

Faux fur? Only the comfiest for this chic kitty!

Not sure where the dog ends and the carpet starts...

This might be a problem!

Does it get any sweeter than this?!

I LOVE this pup's fur. Perfect photo.

This pet parent must have a favorite style!

... Same here!

If it wasn't for that collar this pup might be in trouble.

Oh my! I would love to snuggle up next to this fur baby.

This one took me a minute... and then I saw it!

All we need is the cow!

You could hide a whole litter on this carpet.

Yep, thought that was a rock.

Wow! This is a little too similar...

The one time a dalmatian can blend in!

Snug as a cat on a rug!

Source:  PetFlowBlog

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