She Adopted One Bunny, Then Things Quickly Got Out Of Control

Brittany Strachota and her husband adopted a rabbit named Charles, and quickly decided he needed a friend.  And before she knew it, they had a full-blown bunny family!

When Brittany Strachota’s husband got a job in Seattle, Washington, she would only move on one condition: if he let her adopt a rabbit. He agreed, and soon after they moved, the couple adopted Charles from Special Bunny, a rabbit rescue center.

Soon after Brittany began volunteering with Special Bunny, and eventually met George.  She thought he would be a perfect companion for Charles. Tragically, before they could formally adopt George, Charles became ill and passed away. The couple adopted George anyway to honor Charles’s memory.

It wasn’t long before Brittany was in the market for another rabbit, this time seeking a friend for George. The couple fostered Arwen and when they saw how well the two bunnies got along, they decided to make her a permanent addition to the family!

Next came Alice. Brittany found her listed on Craiglist when her previous owners couldn’t care for her any more, and when she and her husband saw how well she and the other rabbits got along, they knew she was there to stay!

George ended up bonding with Alice even more than he didwith Arwen.  That’s when Brittany began trying to find Arwen a companion. She took her down to Special Bunny to see which rabbits she got along with, and that’s how Arwen met Mumble…

Mumble was with a family for five years before being given to a petting zoo, and eventually ending up at the shelter. When Brittany saw how well he and Arwen got along, he became the newest addition to the family!

What started as Brittany’s desire for one rabbit ended up  a four-bunny crew! She and her husband couldn’t have been happier about how things turned out though!

They have a very large bunny “castle” in which all four of their rabbits live. Mumble and Arwen live in the bottom, while George and Alice reside up top.

George and Alice  like to spend their time cuddling with each other and their owners. Mumble and Arwen, on the other hand, are more rambunctious and love to play. Their favorite game may be shredding paper towels!

Brittany and her husband now consider themselves full-blown bunny people. It started with Charles, who Brittany says, “sucked my husband into the world of bunnies HARD,” and has grown into a big rabbit family!

Rabbits multiply quickly even when you’re just adopting them!


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