You Won’t Believe What This Cart Was Built For, OMG…

This YouTuber was trying to bond with his girlfriend’s rabbit, Wallace, when he realized the little lop might just be the perfect delivery man for his next beer. So he built a little cardboard delivery cart — and the resulting pitter-patter of tiny bunny feet is absolutely adorable.

Wallace, can you grab me a beer?

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Of course, we’re sure Wallace’s acquiescence has something to do with the treats on the handle of the cart  and which he wastes no time in knocking over once his delivery job is finished.

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Rabbits are highly intelligent and can be easily trained  especially if there’s food involved. But they also take a lot of specialized knowledge and care. If you think you’d like to add a delivery bunny to your family, make sure you do your research, then visit to find needy bunnies near you.

Enjoy him in full action, perhaps show your loved pet this skill?


Wallace and his buddy have lots of adventures together. Click here to see Wallace get his very own “Game of Thrones” carrot throne.

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