They’re The World’s Most Famous Horses, But What They Do Behind The Scenes Is Incredible…

The Budweiser Clydesdales are famous, well-bred horses used for various commercial and advertising purposes by the Budweiser brewing company. They are stars each year at the annual Superbowl. Their fan base is huge among passionate horse lovers.

budweiser clydesdales

One of their biggest fans is Marian Roberts, a 95-year-old woman currently in hospice care at Crossroad Hospice. Crossroad likes to set up each client’s version of a perfect dream day and make it come true.

Marian Roberts’ dream day was a visit with the famous Budweiser Clydesdales. Marian received her first pony at the age of seven and had interacted and loved horses for the entirety of her life. In her late teens, Marian was a trick rider and to this day is still very passionate about the animal she loves.

budweiser clydesdales

Crossroad Hospice granted her idea of a perfect day. She was taken to the Clydesdales’ Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri. Marian’s experience with horses hasn’t diminished, she was still able to build a connection with these majestic animals!

Marian was elated to interact with the horses!

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