A Service Dog Was Stolen From A Blind Man, But See What His Dog Returns With?

They say don’t mess with a man’s best friend.  Well last week proves that after a blind man’s service dog was stolen this week in China!

blind man

The dog, named Qiaoqiao, was a 7-year-old Labrador mix was everything to her owner, Tian Fengbo. Qiaoqiao always accompanied her everywhere.

Tian reportedly told local reporters after Qiaoqiao was taken by men in a van while Tian was walking her.

blind dog

He said he couldn’t eat or sleep since his dog was taken, and Tian’s heartache struck a nerve with the entire nation.

blind dog1

At some point, the dognappers appear to have gotten the message.

The very next day, Qiaoqiao was found with a note attached to her collar. It read, “We were wrong … we beg pardon.”

blind ma1

While we may never know why Qiaoqiao was stolen, perhaps the outcry over his beloved companion might lend a voice to the tens of thousands of dogs who are not so fortunate.


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