Blind Dog Gets Second Chance When The Unthinkable Happened

Meet Jake.   He was found wandering Los Angeles disoriented and alone. When a shelter finally plucked him off the streets, they realized the little dog was completely blind. To make matters worse, Jake’s previous owners were contacted but they refused to take Jake home because they didn’t want to pay the reclaiming fee of $20. Twenty dollars! Who could be so heartless?!

Jake was officially without a family, and considering his blindness, the chance of him finding a forever home before being put down was slim-to-none. However, he had such an amazing spirit and charming personality that the folks at Doggie Protective Services decided to do whatever they could to give Jake another chance.

Weeks went by, and Jake had been spending a lot of time at local adoption events, hoping someone would adopt him. He kept catching the eye of woman named Heidi, who’d stop by and spend time with the little pup whenever she could. Heidi felt an instant connection to Jake, but she couldn’t take him home because she already had several dogs. But one day, when Heidi saw Jake again, she decided both of their lives would change forever.


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