This Hilarious And Sneaky Bird Creeps Into Dad’s Room And What He Does Had Me On The Floor In Tears!

One morning, a man was home in his bedroom when he began to hear the door creak open. When he went to investigate further, he heard the pitter-patter of tiny feet and a borage of evil laughter. But he knew that voice anywhere: It was his pet parrot, who has figured out a way to sneak into Dad’s room. Pleased with his trickery, his laugh sounds like a maniacal super-villain. Like some kind of feathered overlord coming to destroy the world. Thankfully, Dad knew to turn on his camera and record this moment for posterity. No wonder this video has been viewed more than three million times on YouTube!

Birds make great pets and are highly intelligent. According to an article in the BBC News Magazine, “Parrot fanciers keen to teach their own pretty polly to talk may have to repeat their chosen phrase over and over. But the bird may pick it up after a single listen.”

It’s nearly impossible to watch this viral video without cracking up! Birds are naturally vocal, but can you imagine hearing that evil cackle in the middle of the night?


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