This Biker Was Just Making A Pit Stop When He Finds This Burned Little Guy…

Patrick Doody was riding cross country for a rally in California.  While stopping in Nevada, he discovers a kitten suffering from burns. Patrick makes the trip home to New Jersey with a new side kick!

The tiny kitten had apparently burned his lip on something.

‪biker kitten

Doody strapped the tiny kitty into his vest and brought him along for the ride.

biker kitten 2

He named the little dude Party Cat.

biker kitten 3

He has a new life on the road with his best buddy.

biker kitten 4

They stopped at a rally in Ohio where the duo caught everyone’s eye.

biker kitten 5

This little guy is very popular at the event; everyone wanted to stop by and hear his story.

bikker kitten 6

The little kitty was perfectly content to stay by his new friend’s side throughout the festivities.

biker kitty

At home, he helps keep mice away in Doody’s garage.

biker kitten 6

He is always right by his side.

biker kitten 7

The are best friends forever!

biker kitten 8

Doody’s feeds him regular cat food now that they’re off the road and making sure his new buddy stays happy and healthy.  This duo will have plenty more opportunities for adventure together in their future.

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